Useful datasets

Data Source Link Used in Paper Original Source
GPCC Monthly Rainfall 1961-2010 GPCC (rdata – 200 MB)GPCC (dta – 400 MB zip) Fetzer (2014) Deutscher WetterdienstAcknowledge Schneider et al (2011)


Replication Data

Data Source Link Used in Paper
Brasilian Land conflicts Fetzer and Marden (2017)

Fetzer, T., & Marden, S. (2017). Take what you can: property rights, contestability and conflict. The Economic Journal, 127(601), 757–783.

UK EU Referendum data Becker, Fetzer and Novy (2017)

Becker, S. O., Fetzer, T., & Novy, D. (2017). Who voted for Brexit? A comprehensive district-level analysis. Economic Policy, 32(92), 601–650.