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  • Jonathan Pie, Austerity and Brexit

    I wanted to share something that I guess I have held mostly for myself for a long time. This is a story about impact and the role that researchers can play in disseminating research through unconventional means. I get asked to share: how do you do it? How do you have impact? I guess one…

  • Did Austerity Cause Brexit?

    Did Austerity Cause Brexit?

    This research paper uses regional-level data on spending and voting behaviour, as well as individual-level survey data, to argue that the austerity policies in place in the UK since 2010 were an important contributing factor to the vote to Leave.

  • Who voted for Brexit?

    Who voted for Brexit?

    In a new paper, we analyse the Brexit referendum vote in detail, studying the EU referendum result in England, Wales and Scotland in a disaggregated way across 380 local authorities (and across 107 wards in four English cities). We relate the vote to fundamental socio-economic features of these areas.