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    Non-technical summary: Vox Lacea
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    Replication files
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    Replication files
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    Replication files
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  20. Housing insecurity, homelessness and populism: Evidence from the UK, joint with Srinjoy Sen and Pedro CL Souza, CEPR Working Paper 14184 and CAGE Working Paper 444, December 2019, forthcoming, Journal of the European Economics Association.
     Broader Coverage: Policy in Practice, 24 Housing, The Economist, VoxEU.

Working Papers

  1. How Big is the Media Multiplier? Evidence from Dyadic News Data, joint with Tim Besley and Hannes-Felix Mueller. CEPR Working Paper, January 2020, revise and resubmit Review of Economics & Statistics.
     Broader coverage: VoxEU.
  2. Measuring the Regional Economic Cost of Brexit: Evidence up to 2019, joint with Shizhuo Wang, 2020.
     Broader coverage: Financial Times, The Independent, Press and Journal, The Courier, Evening Express, Midlothian Review, ShetlandNews, Graeme Dey, SNP Galloway.
    Interactive visualization:
  3. De-escalation technology: the impact of body-worn cameras on citizen-police interactions, joint with Daniel Barbosa, Pedro CL Souza, Caterina Soto, CEPR Working Paper 581, 2021, under review.
    Broader coverage: Estado (1)  (Portugese), Estado (2) (Portugese), BBC (Portugese), Resolution Foundation, Folha (Portugese), Fantastico (Portugese). O Globo (Portugese), G1 (Portugese), O Globo (2) (Portugese), Impact BWC Adoption order.
  4. Pandemic Pressures and Public Health Care: Evidence from England, joint with Christopher Rauh, CAGE Working Paper 607.
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  5. Measuring the Epidemiological Impact of a False Negative: Evidence from a Natural Experiment, CAGE Working Paper 596, 2021.
    Broader coverage: The Times, The Economist, BBC Points West (Youtube), BBC.
  6. Who is NOT voting for Brexit anymore? joint with Eleonora Alabrese, CESifo Working Paper, 2018.
    Broader Coverage: Business Insider, GraziaThe Independent, New York Times, The Irish Times.

Retired Papers

  1. Fracking Growth, CEP Working Paper 1278, 2014.
    Broader Coverage: RES, Britain in 2015,  LSE United States Politics Blog
  2. Did Eastern European immigration cause an increase in anti-European sentiment in the UK?, joint with Sascha O Becker.
  3. Why an EU Referendum? Why in 2016?, joint with Sascha O Becker.
  4. Has Eastern European Migration Impacted British Workers?, joint with Sascha O Becker, CAGE Working Paper, 2018.
     Broader coverage: The Conversation