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  • On the role of private data in research

    Note: this is a reposted version of a verbal intervention at the Economic Policy Panel meeting in 2021 discussing some institutional considerations in light of research work that was presented that leverages private data for research. The COVID-19 pandemic led to an unprecedented economic policy response across much of the world. A broad range of…

  • What I learned from doing research during the pandemic

    Public inquiries into COVID-19 policy making can tell us a lot about how robust our society’s plumbing is and whether evidence-based policy making is a lived practice – let’s not waste that opportunity

  • Thiemo Fetzer’s submission to the Public COVID-19 Inquiry.

    Thiemo Fetzer’s submission to the Public COVID-19 Inquiry.

    Tell us about your experiences (Required). This can be a past experience, something that’s still happening, or both. I carried out research during the pandemic starting right from February 2020, studying the policy response to the pandemic. I felt a call to service. The governments own stated ambition to following the science requires creation of…