Climate Crisis Research

I am doing exciting research on the energy crisis. The energy crisis aligns three societal objectives in one policy dimension – energy savings – which, help save money through resulting lower energy bills, contribute to saving the environment through lower CO2 emissions and at the same time, provides material national security benefits by blunting Putin’s energy weapon. Saving the economy, saving the environment, and blunting Putin’s energy weapon: a pro-growth equitable alternative for the UK is possible.The work on this agenda has started a long time ago.

Research Output

  1. Fetzer, Gazze & Bishop. (2022). How large is the energy savings potential in the UK? CAGE Working Paper.
    This is a bit technical as it describes the dataset construction that feeds this work. This data is featured in below Financial Times visual storytelling piece. This was unfortunately delayed by a month.
    Broader coverage: Financial Times, Daily Express (1), Daily Express (2), Redmayne Bentley
    Opinion Piece: Byline Times
  2. Fetzer (2023). Regulatory barriers to climate action: evidence from conservation areas in England CAGE Working Paper.
    Broader coverage: Financial Times

Policy Analysis

The shared CAGE-NIESR launch event

I had a launch event at the National Institute for Social and Economic Research (NIESR) in Westminster on Oct 26, 2022 – this was themed on the Energy Price Guarantee but in my presentation I spoke much more broadly about the economic policy response and the economic context in which we are currently are at.

Interactive tool

Screenshot of visual storytelling piece from the FT